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AMMO-67 Hazardous Materials Familiarization and Safety

Allow yourself enough time to complete this, it is extensive and cannot be rushed.  It has to be completed on a computer with CAC access.  If you have a personal CAC reader you can use your home computer, if not training can be conducted at Building 302 (Distance Learning Center) or the Education Center.  Read and follow the instructions on the website, there are problems, but they can be avoided.  DO NOT RE-REGISTER FOR THE SAME COURSE!!  You must have pop-up blockers disabled, or allow pop-ups for these sites.

·        Step 1: Go to the website
·        Step 2: Click the "ATRRS Self-Development Center" link on the lower right side of the page
·        Step 3: On the ATRRS page, select "910 - U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center - SC:910" from the drop-down menu, under the "Search by School" box 
·        Step 4: Click the "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button
·        Step 5: Scroll down the results page, and click the link for "AMMO-67-DL"
·        Step 6: Under the "Information For Course AMMO-67-DL" page click "Register" for class enrollment
·        Step 7: Read the "Privacy and Security Notice" and click the "I Agree" button
·        Step 8: Fill the "CAC" button, highlight your "e-mail" certificate for your name, and enter your PIN
·        Step 9: Complete the "Training Application" and "Submit Application"
·        Step 10: Allow 24 hours
·        Step 11: Once you have registered you will not need a CAC card to access the training, they will provide a username to access the site
·        Step 12: Copy and paste the link into your web browser from the email ATRRS sends, DO NOT CLICK LINK DIRECTLY!
·        Step 13: You will use the username and temporary password, as soon as you login the first time you will be required to change your password
·        Step 14: Once logged into the DAC website, your course will be listed under "Current Training"
·        Step 15: Click the "Start" button
·        Step 16: Complete the course (you must click on ALL slides)
·        Step 17: Complete the exam, you have to score above 70%
·        Step 18: Once the course is complete, ensure that all objectives are complete
·        Step 19: Once course displays "100%" go to the "Home" link in the upper left corner
·        Step 20: Click "Ammo-67 HAZMAT" link under the "Completed Registration" tab
·        Step 21: Under "Activity Details" click the little diploma on the left side of the class name and print your certificate
·        Step 22: Print THREE copies (one for you, one for the driver's training instructor, and one for your company's NCOIC)